I am a freelance journalist working for Spanish and International media: MVS Mexico Radio, DW Español, Condé Nast Travell,er among others.

Working as a freelancer, I am used to writing and working with different media content and adapting it to the style required, writing and producing concise articles, reports and tailored pieces for a diverse range of platforms (radio, press, online).

Human interest stories are my favourites because they can get closer to problems that may seem distant to us, simplify complex issues and bring reality to its purest state. I always try to find stories that break stereotypes and are thought-provoking.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is one of the particular areas in the world that I always keep an eye on and I am always ready to receive new assignments that will take me to report on the region.

One of my aims: to pass on what happens in the world through people’s stories; helping to get to know and understand the realities that conform this crazy, tragic and addictive world…

What better job could I have? ;)


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